Voice Assistants (Amazon Alexa)

Designed, built, and deployed an Amazon Alexa Skill Alien Invasion, with two colleagues, as part of the Alexa Skills Challenge: Kids, a competition to publish an Alexa skill for children under 13.

Voice Perception

Psychoacoustic experiment on voice perception with cochlear implant (CI) and hearing aid simulations.

Neurofeedback (Brain-Computer Interface)

Developed and pilot tested an electroencephalography (EEG) based neurofeedback system for improving speech perception in CI users.

Theta Oscillation Phase-Locking

EEG study on theta oscillation phase-locking after attentional blink (AB) training. AB is a phenomenon that reflects the temporal costs in allocating selective attention.

Electromyography (EMG)-powered Robotic Hand

Together with a graduate physics student, I completed a project for Science LinX, an organization which aims to familiarize high school students with science through interactive exhibits and workshops throughout the Netherlands. We created a prototype of an interactive system demonstrating the idea behind neuroprosthetics.